What Type Of Imaging Do You Need?

We take pride in our High Quality Imaging, and quality patient care.  Same day appointments are available for CT, Ultrasound and X-Ray. Walk in appointments are available for X-Ray.  Our Staff is well regarded by our patients.  Our newly remodeled waiting rooms provide a comfortable and peaceful environment.    Follow the links below to learn more about the specific type of Imaging you are needing.


Open MRI

Current technology has made your MRI experience much faster and less stressful.  Our High Field Open MRI is brand new.

Learn More- MRI

CT or CAT Scan

Or CT staff is dedicated to keeping you on time.

Learn More – CT


Offering Same day appointments and a quick turnaround.

Learn More- Ultrasound

Radiology or X-Ray

Same day or walk in appointments available.

Learn More – X-Ray

Specialty Scans

Cardiac Calcium Scoring

This test looks at the amount of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries.  As an early indication of heart disease provides opportunity for people to make choices that will lead to a healthier heart.

Low Dose Lung CT

If you were a once a smoker or still are and are concerned about your lung cancer risk,  consider having a Low Dose Lung CT scan.  It is a screening for those who are or were at one time smokers and have not been diagnosed  with lung cancer.  To learn more follow the link.

Virtual Colonoscopy

A safe non invasive procedure for Colon Cancer Detection.  This is an alternative to a colonoscopy, and is done with  2 and 3 dimensional images created by a CT scan.

What Our Patients Have To Say..

Thank you all for taking such good care of my friend, Dave, when he had a port placed on 2/23/21. He was nervous about the procedure, and normally isn’t what you would call a “good” patient. He did quite well and was VERY pleased with the staff and the care he received. Shout outs to Tyler, Mark, Whitney, Shelley, and Libby! You all are awesome!
02/2021 Karen

I had the best service with Karen in CT Scan. Before I stepped one foot into the room with her, she asked pointed questions alerting me that she had already peaked in my chart and knew the patient of whom she would be servicing. Karen engaged me in casual conversation to help put me at ease with the scan, as I am highly claustrophobic, as well as gleaned information from our conversation that later proved helpful. She prepped me before each step and reassured me throughout. Midway through, I felt as if I were having a visit and chat with an old friend. I must say, most of my scans have been uneventful and the nurses have usually been helpful and nice. However, Karen went above and beyond her typical nurse duties. She was very warm and seemed to genuinely care. I truly found the Trex facility quite lovely and the staff even lovelier!

Patient 01/2021

My tech was the sweetest person I have met in a very long time! Although she knew I had been through this hundreds of times, she still explained every step of my test! She is great and the facility is sparkling clean with less than a 10 minute wait time!

Kerry 04/2021



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